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Most names on this list were in grades 8-9 during this timeframe at TRAB,
and eventual members of the Classes of '64 and '65
wherever in the world they landed by graduation time.
Names below with no information were taken from various
memorabilia items we found, newspaper clippings, programs, etc.
It does not necessarily mean we have found them.

Click on a first name (where available) to see a more current photo of the person!
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Recently changed
Class Last Name First Name Current Name Current Location Contact Comments Updated
'64 Adcock Camille   Lafayette LA SEND ME EMAIL   11/3/2009
'64 Alexander Jean          
'64 Anderson Bob   Peachtree City, GA SEND ME EMAIL Now known as Jim Anderson 1/6/2015
'65 Banbury John   Mercer Island, WA SEND ME EMAIL   5/6/2010
'65 Ballinger Dennis   Prior Lake, MN SEND ME EMAIL   7/29/2011
'70 Bartuska Carolyn   Gainesville, FL   Married, uses maiden name  
'64 Bartuska Denise Stone Merritt Island, FL SEND ME EMAIL    
'68 Bartuska Diane   Orlando, FL   Married, uses maiden name  
'66 Bartuska John     Annandale, VA      
'64 Benton Sherman   Memphis, TN   (Butch) Mother's address?  
'65 Bigelow Doug          
'64 Billdt Lenora       Found, aka "Lennie"  
'64 Bitle Ron          
'64 Caldwell Jonny          
'64 Castle Doug          
'64 Condray Beverly          
'64 Cox Dennis          
'64 Curry Janis          
'67 Dean Kathy Flannery Baltimore, MD SEND ME EMAIL    
'65 Dicus Bill          
'64 Doddridge Candace Lightner Daytona Beach FL SEND ME EMAIL   6/1/2010
'64 Donnelly Mike          
'65 Elmer Joella          
'64 Emerson Phil   Boise, ID SEND ME EMAIL    
'64 Eno Michael Ann          
'64 Everett Glenda Hargrove Deceased (2001)   Tulsa, OK  
'64 Gilson Dirk   Boulder Creek CA SEND ME EMAIL      
'64 Gorman Jeanne          
'64 Grant David    Kennasaw GA SEND ME EMAIL    
'65 Grant Eddie   Ellijay GA SEND ME EMAIL   10/31/2009
'66 Green Floyd   Raleigh, NC      
'65 Hamor Carolyn McNatt Mansfield, TX SEND ME EMAIL    
'65 Hannah Margo Johnson   SEND ME EMAIL (Margaret) 5/16/2011
'69 Hannah Bob   Bettendorf, IA SEND ME EMAIL Margo's brother  
'64 Harris Elaine Pack Huntersville, NC SEND ME EMAIL
Owner of this site 8/17/2020
'64 Harris Thomas          
'65 Helm Alan   Deceased      
'65 Herbert Barry          
'64 Hines Donna          
'65 Hodgkins Terry       Note from Margo Hannah Johnson:
"I know she went on to be a nurse and went to Viet Nam. She was back from 'Nam in the late 60's, early 70's, but after than I lost touch with her. I think her younger brother Brad (1 year/younger behind, like my brother Jim) may live in Colorado."
'65 Hofeditz David   San Antonio, TX SEND ME EMAIL May be mother's address? email bounces  
'64 Holland Bob   Warner Robins GA SEND ME EMAIL
'64 Laakman Hank   Midwest City, OK SEND ME EMAIL email bounces?  
'64 Lineberry Roy   Located (Unsure of state)   (Butch)  
'65 Lineberry Sue Hess Deceased      
'64 Kingsley Connie          
'64 Manning Heidi          
'64 McGuire Ray   Austin, TX SEND ME EMAIL (Archie)  11/2/2009
'64 Molyneux Barbara Stobbe Jenison, MI SEND ME EMAIL Left side in pic 11/2/2009
'64 Molyneux Mary Sneider Wyoming, MI SEND ME EMAIL Right side in pic 11/2/2009
'64 Nelson Lea          
'66 Nelson Libby Singleton Colorado Springs, CO SEND ME EMAIL   10/2009
'64 Nelson Mary Ellen Spahr Greeley, CO SEND ME EMAIL   10/2009
'64 Olds Jan          
'65 Parker Roy   Yarm Cleveland, England SEND ME EMAIL   11/2/2009
'65 Pence David   Longview, WA SEND ME EMAIL    
'65 Peters Ken   Redondo Beach, CA SEND ME EMAIL    
Teacher Pulsifer Patricia Yingling Indianapolis, IN SEND ME EMAIL   5/3/2011
'64 Rankin Bob   Homewood, IL SEND ME EMAIL    
Teacher Richardson Ann Davis Henderson, NV SEND ME EMAIL   5/3/2011
'65 Rotkis Tom   Tucson, AZ      
'64 Rotkis Walt   Seattle, WA   (Wally)  
'65 Routch Jeff   Sumter, SC SEND ME EMAIL    
'64 Ryerson Vickie          
'64 Schaffer Charlie   Encinitas, CA SEND ME EMAIL Charlie started in Phalsbourg where a number of TRAB folks came from, but they did not go to TRAB, his family went to Ramstein instead 4/17/2017
'64 Shotwell Sandy   Deceased      
'64 Smith Dennis          
'64 Smith Janice          
Teacher Spangler Wayne   Vienna, VA SEND ME EMAIL    
'65 Story Don   Akron, OH SEND ME EMAIL Website  
'65 Sugrue Cheryl Harper Villa Rica, GA SEND ME EMAIL Atlanta area (west) 6/1/2010
'64 Summers Craig          
'64 Tapp Robert          
'65 Tappe Dianne   Last known - Fairborn, OH   Last name changed to Vincent in late teens.  
'64 Taylor Leslie   Fairfax, VA   (Les)  
'64 Thomas Jim   Deceased      
'65 Terrill Dianne SEND ME EMAIL
'64 Tooley Bob   Deceased 6/9/2006    Formerly of Altus, OK  
'64 Ward Judy Booth Mobile, AL SEND ME EMAIL    
'64 Whitaker Phyllis          
'64 Wood Jan          

If you were at TRAB during this time and wish to be added to the list, or if you can fill in any blanks in this list, or add or correct names, please email us. Come on, be brave! If you are on this list, send us a current photo!!

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If you have old photos or programs or ANY other memorabilia of ANY kind
about dependent or any other activities at Toul-Rosieres AB during the early 60's, please let us know know!
We will work with you to tell you how to get them scanned and will post them here!

There are a number of FREE alternatives that are available in most communities,
and there are certain guidelines we prefer you to follow in the sizing, etc of the photos.