Barb and Mary's Excellent Adventure at Toul-Rosieres
Summer 2002

Barb Molyneux Stobbe and Mary Molyneux Sneider traveled thru Europe during the late summer of 2002. One of their more memorable stops was at Toul-Rosieres Air Base and Toulaire! They were kind enough to share some of their photos from Toulaire with all of us. The following remarks are taken from an email from Bob Holland to Elaine, describing what Mary shared with us about their trip.

"Mary said that they had a wonderful trip, and even found their old house, as well as Candace Doddridge Lightner's and Bob Holland's houses. They were unable to get on the base, however, as it is now a French base, and they would have had to be a guest of someone. However, they found a Frenchman (who lives in Candace's house former house!) who works on the base and he invited them in for coffee. They had their old brochure of Toul and the guy was so interested in it. He said he had never seen it before (no reason why he should have) and was trying to tell them what buildings were still there. The guy may not be old enough to remember when the Americans were there. Mary said they communicated from the dictionaries, he had the English and they had the French."

Sounds like a wonderful trip indeed! And many many thanks to Mary and Barb for allowing us along in just a little way! Please enjoy their pictures!

A rather unfriendly start!
Just kidding, actually means "Leaving" Toulaire!

Ah, that's better!
("Entering" Toulaire)

A map at the entry of Toulaire.
Can you find your house?

Barb at the entrance
to Toulaire

The Molyneux House

The Doddridge House

The Holland House

Barb in Nancy

Mary and Barb in Toulaire

Barb on French Road

Toulaire Circle

One of the Toulaire Duplexes

A Toulaire Street

TRAB Main Gate

TRAB entry

TRAB Building

A restaurant menu (page 1)

Page 2 of menu


Rue de Nancy

Greetings from Verdun

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