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CIRCA 1960-1962
United We Stand

Welcome to our Toul-Rosieres AB Site!

Please note that while we warmly welcome visitors from former Toul American High School
students stationed at bases and Army posts other than Toul-Rosieres Air Base,
these pages are focused on former students at the base school at Toul-Rosieres Air Base
and Verdun American High School
before there even WAS a Toul AHS!
We also welcome airmen who were stationed here during this time period and any other interested folks.

Good News!
The Verdun Alumni Association is partnering with the Overseasbrats Organization to put on a reunion to be held August 15-18, 2019, in New Orleans. Go to the Overseas Brats web site for more information and to register. There are also Regional Get-Togethers--check them out! Remember our Verdun web site is We also have a group page on Facebook that is very popular. If you know of anyone that is not on the Verdun AHS web page, please forward this page to them and copy me (John :) Hope to see you in Daytona, this year! Spread the word!!!

John Everley Class of 60/61


If you have kept in touch with female classmates,
please let them know about our site
and ask them to contact us!
It's been especially difficult to locate many of our friends
due to name changes over the years.

Who have we found lately?

Charlie Schaffer, '64

Ann Richardson Davis, aka Miss Richardson, 2nd grade teacher '60-'62

John Banbury '65

Cheryl Sugrue '65

Carolyn Hamor '65

Mary Ellen Nelson '64

Libby Nelson '66
(Mary Ellen's sister)

Floyd Green '64

Don Story '65

Pat Yingling aka Miss Pulsifer, 9th grade teacher

Wayne Spangler, 9th grade teacher

Apologies. The free guestbook site we have been using has folded, and I am searching for a replacement as time permits. I do have the old signatures available, and may be able to search for anyone who might have an interest in the names, etc.