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Roy Parker's Photos


Carolyn Hamor

Miss Pulsifer's Class

Carolyn Hamor, Joella Elmer, Janis Curry

Dave Grant,
Jan Olds 

Elaine Harris
10th Grade

Jan Woods, Glenda Everett
8th Grade Class Trip to Paris (Elaine's trip roommates)

Janis Curry
Nice glasses! :) But very popular back then

Joella Elmer

Party Scene-Do you know any of these kids?

Bobby Holland
10th Grade

Four Excellent
Science Students!

Elaine Harris and
her little sister Marilynn
at Verdun Cemetery
Dave Pence in 9th Grade
Dave Pence
9th Grade
Group of kids
Group of kids-Do you know any of these kids
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas (deceased)
1963 Warner-Robins HS yearbook
Barb and Mary Molyneux as Seniors
Barb and Mary Molyneux
1964 Warner-Robins HS Yearbook
Gerry Molyneux
Gerry Molyneux
Barb and Mary's younger sister
Bob Anderson and Dennis Smith
Bob Anderson and Dennis Smith
Jim Thomas and Dennis Smith?
Jim Thomas, center. The other person might be Dennis Smith(?)
Carolyn Hamor
Carolyn Hamor coming from Cheerleading practice at Toul.

(Thanks for the ID, Carolyn!)
Jerry Massey & Bob Kenshlowe etc
Jerry Massey & Bob Kenshlowe at the Toul Teen Club 60-61. Lenora Billdt is girl on left, not sure of others. We think the guy rushing through the door is Bill Dicus?
Paula Hendrix
Paula Hendrix
Bob Tooley
Bob Tooley

Mystery Man?
Tom ? (Anyone know his last name? Possibly Tom Harris? Or is it Charles Reagan?)
Paris Trip
Elaine Harris (partial), Heidi Manning, Vicki Eno, Lenora Bildt, Connie Kingsley, Jean Alexander, Mr & Mrs Eno, Mr Wickstraw, Miss Crow, Dennis Smith, Robbie Tapp, and Glenda Everett on American Embassy lawn.
Doug Castle
Doug Castle (an older photo we think)
Candace Doddridge & Susie Radcliffe
Candace Doddridge & Susie Radcliffe At Verdun 62 in Room 64. "No Smoking Card"
Cheryl Sugrue
Cheryl Sugrue
Dirk Gilson, Bob Rankin and Bob Holland
Dirk Gilson, Bob Rankin and Bob Holland, circa 1960

MANY THANKS to our contributors! They include Bob Holland, Dave Grant, Barb Molyneux, Mary Molyneux Sneider, Elaine Harris Pack and others. If I have left your name off, mea culpa and let me know.

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