Bob Pratt's Concentration Camp Photos

We have gotten rather a lot of interest in the Concentration Camp at Col du Donon, about 50 miles from the base, the only Concentration Camp in France. Bob Pratt's photos are sobering indeed, and we decided they deserved a page of their own.

The pass of Donon exists but the concentration camp is far away of the pass. This is the only Nazi Concentration Camp built by the Germans in French Territory during WW2. The camp is on the other side of the river "Bruche" on the top of a mountain. The name of the camp was "the STRUTHOF". Thanks to Col. Pierre-Alain Antoine for this additional information.

Please view these photos with the respect the former inmates deserve, and let us never forget.

In addition, this is an eyewitness account of a visit to the camp by a group of German 9th grade schoolchildren in 1999. (The site is in English) *NOTE: This link is currently unavailable, I am trying to find out if it is still available.

Main Gate to the Concentration Camp
Main gate to the
Concentration Camp
Entrance to Concentration Camp
Entrance to
Concentration Camp
The Camp
The Camp
Gas Chamber
The Gas Chamber
The Crematorium
The Crematorium
Torture Rack
Torture Rack
Bunkhouses at the Camp
Bunkhouse Slabs on left,
remaining houses at bottom of hill
and fence on the right
The Gallows at the Camp
The Gallows
Memorial at the Camp
Memorial at the Camp

This is the memorial of the camp inaugurated in June 1959 by General de Gaulle, the French President. Thanks to Col. Pierre-Alain Antoine, who was at the ceremony, for this additional information.

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