Gilbert Savona's TRAB Photos

Some while back Elaine was contacted by Monsieur Gilbert Savona who has been trying to contact various airmen who were stationed at TRAB long time before him. After a series of correspondence with different people, I eventually got his message. He was kind enough to send us some photos, old and new, of life at TRAB. Please note that unless otherwise indicated, I am not sure exactly what these photos are of. In M. Savona's own words:

"I am a NCO in french air army since 1973, I am 51 years old. I was stationed at TRAB from aug.1996 to aug.2004. Today, I am at Nancy-Ochey air base, my task is to prevent pollutions on the air-base.

Maybe [the original correspondent] told you that we are searching documents or photos of TRAB to make an historical center on our base.

I rest in touch, waiting for news. If you have some photos to send to me, please use this e-mail : because the e-mail I use to write yet, doesn't support large pictures.

I am very proud to correspond with men who were in France as military and I thank [the original correspondent] to obtain for me your collaboration.M. Al Christensen, DAVE Menard, Don Dodson, Norm Adams have wrotten to me. And now you did.

So thank you, and if you come in France and want to visit TRAB, it would be a real pleasure to guide you.

In a friendly way, G. Savona."

Elaine again. I am presenting his images below, exactly as sent. I do not have any information on what they represent unless otherwise mentioned below.

the control-tower

the main entrance

you can see your school with on its right the gymnasium

you can see the theater behind trees

you can also see your school and the town of Rosières en Haye

the little house between the trees was "El Rancho" and higher up over the road, the laundry

the town of Rosières en Haye

the houses family areas

the houses family areas

TRAB around 1996-1998


Some photos from 2006, and another message from M. Savona, again in his own words:

"Yesterday [10/11/2006]I went to TRAB and took some photographs of your school that I join to this e-mail.

In a friendly way, M. G. Savona."

Gymnasium 1

Gymnasium 2

Gymnasium 3

Hook of butchery of the cold rooms

Hook of butchery of the cold rooms 1

Hook of butchery of the cold rooms 2

Link Trainer

Sight by a window of the school

Sight on the gymnasium 1

Sight on the gymnasium 2

Sight towards the control tower

The corridore of the school towards gymnasium

The corridor towards Toul

The School 1

The School 2

The School 3


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