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Mike Salmon's Photos - Page 1

Photos from Tom Glennon - Frank Whatley - Bob Pratt

Douamont Ossuary, Verdun

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In front of hangar 1

RF101 Voodoos

RF101 Voodoos

Ready Alert Zippo Pad

TRAB from the far side of the base

New alert hangers being built at TRAB

Toul Mountain and the destroyed town of St. Lucy

St. Lucy

St. Lucy

St. Lucy

St. Lucy

St. Lucy

Part of Prison Compound
near St. Avold

Verdun - Deadman's Hill

French town west of TRAB

Chateau outside of Nancy

Luxembourg monument


Home of Joan of Arc - Domremy

Joan of Arc Church at Domremy

Ceiling of Joan of Arc Church, Domremy

Plaque at Domremy

Monument of Joan of Arc receiving sword and armor Domremy

American Cemetery Gate, Lorraine

Lorraine American Cemetery

Lorraine American Cemetery

Lorraine American Cemetery

Route to American Cemetery

Bridge Construction near Waville

Bombed out building next to Toul Cathedral

Dabo, France

Dabo Church

TRAB - 4 winds corner

Air show F-100s

Air show sky divers

Back gate of TRAB

Base perimeter road at back gate

C-130 TRAB air show

Church on TRAB

City of Toul

Crowd at air show June, '61

F-104 at TRAB air show

French plane

Back Window Pictures of Douamont Ossuary, Verdun

(epp)Yes, there really are millions and millions of human bones here,
piled up exactly as you see them,
all French WW1 soldiers who died in the Battle of Verdun,
21 February 1916 - December 1916.
I've seen them, too

Website for the Ossuary

Bones 1

Bones 2

Bones 3

The Trench of the Bayonets



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