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I was stationed there from July 1964 until August of 1966.

First picture is of a Motor cross race near Toul

Next pictures are of the zoo in Nancy and I believe the Palace in Nancy.

Next is pictures of a monument at Pont a Mousson (Located north of Nancy) It was dedicated to Joan of Arc. In the one picture, you can see her armor. The other picture is the land area below the monument.

The next set of pictures is of Aircraft at the air show at TRAB. There is one picture of me.

Next set is of the base and our softball team.

The last set is pictures of a wedding. The girl in our office Michelle married an Airman. You can see them getting married by the Mayor. There is a picture of the groom, walking with his mother and grandmother. Also there is a picture of a woman by herself. She was Michelle (2). She also worked in our office.

There is a picture of a bunker and finally two airman standing in front of a MOB truck. The airman on the right last name was Johnson from California.

Thank you for the Web site

Robert Jarecki
SSGT 26 Transportation Squadron
Traffic Management Office


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